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Laundry Room Combo Kit
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As an avid triathlete, my husband's sports clothing always had a lingering odour, even just after washing. Sport Suds has completely eliminated that smell!
Laura W - Vancouver, BC

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The Sport Suds line of eco-friendly and people friendly cleaning products combines modern technology with some of the best minds available to create uncompromisingly high performance products. Each of our cleaners are designed to excel at one thing only; and just as in life, adopting that kind of razor sharp focus yields incredible results.

Try Sport Suds residue-free laundry detergent. Suitable for anything normally washed in water, it completely removes deeply embedded odour. To date, it’s rescued countless thousands of odour-wreaked shirts, shorts and personal favourites from exile to the landfill. As with all Sport Suds products, it’s non-fragranced, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.